Terms of Service

  1. Statement
    • Markup Infinity provides its clients IT outsourcing services for Software development services. This contains placement of remote contractors.
    • All the agreed services will be provided by Markup Infinity to The Client as per the term and conditions of this agreement.
  2. Definitions & Interpretation
    • Schedule 1 offers the Definitions and Interpretations for this Service Agreement made by Markup Infinity.
  3. Agreement & day to day operation
    • The terms and conditions on Markup Infinity website clearly stats every day activity of business which contains service inquiry by The Client, contract made between both the parties, Markup Infinity employee recruitment and service and support provided by Markup Infinity Softwares.
    • The obligation for picking the proper Markup Infinity worker rests with the customer. The employing is accomplished for self employed entities on the premise of pertinent local rules.
    • The Markup Infinity worker does not have any specialist to go into contracts in the interest of the customer. The understanding does not make any association between the Client and the Markup Infinity representative.
  4. Duration
    • 3.1 This Agreement will be pertinent on a month to month premise, will start on the beginning date as settled upon.
  5. No Markup Infinity liability
    • If there should arise an occurrence of any misfortune, harm, expenses or pay (regardless of whether immediate or circuitous) to The Client, no obligation might be caused by Markup Infinity. The accompanying cases are incorporated:
    • an) Any postponement in presentation of Markup Infinity representatives by Markup Infinity.
    • b) The occasion of renunciation of an offer or a task by a Markup Infinity worker
    • c) Related to the performance of a Markup Infinity Employee
  6. The client’s indemnity to Markup Infinity
    • As for the accompanying instances of misfortune or cases the customer needs to pay repayment to Markup Infinity
    • A damage to a Markup Infinity representative while playing out his/her obligations for the customer
    • Property harm while execution of obligations by a Markup Infinity representative
    • If there are any cases made by a Markup Infinity representative as for his/her end of administrations, the customer needs to repay Markup Infinity for the same.
  7. Restriction on direct hiring of Markup Infinity service employees
    • The Client must pay to Markup Infinity 10,000.00 USD for each Markup Infinity representative who has been offered/enlisted by the Client straightforwardly.
    • When this agreement is fired, no Markup Infinity worker who is playing out a task for The Client or has played out a task for The Client over the most recent 12 months can be offered an agreement or changeless work by The Client.
    • Markup Infinity Employee ‘s companions, relatives, referrals and system can’t be offered work or Assignments by Markup Infinity customers without earlier endorsement
    • No data trade identified with installments and estimating amongst Markup Infinity and Markup Infinity workers might be allowed
  8. Intellectual Property
    • All material arranged by the Markup Infinity Employee will be claimed by the Clientand any Intellectual Property Rights in any such work might vest in The Client.
  9. Privacy
    • All parties must agree that the information they shared will be handled by  according to the Privacy Laws.
  10. Warranties
    • Both sides speak to and warrant to the next gathering that:
    • There are no activities, cases, procedures or examinations pending or undermined against it or by it of which it knows, and which may materially affect the topic of this Contract.
  11. Termination
    • A gathering (“the main party”) may instantly (or with impact from any later date it might assign) end if:
    • The second party breaks this Contract and does not cure such rupture inside 5 Business Days
    • the other party ends up noticeably bankrupt
    • The Client may name the Markup Infinity Employee on a trial premise. This is for at least 1 hour and a greatest of 10 days. The customer can fire the Markup Infinity worker whenever amid the time for testing.
    • Subject to The Client conforming to the arrangements set out in Schedule 1, if The Client can fire the full time representatives in the accompanying way:
    • For under 6 months from his or her arrangement, a time of 30 days notice is required
    • For over 6 months, a time of 60 days notice is required
    • Upon end:
    • The customer will restore all Confidential Information back to Markup Infinity
  12. Acknowledgment
    • The Client acknowledges the terms as set out inside the terms and conditions on Markup Infinity’s site
    • The Client making a Request for Services; or
    • The Client delegating Markup Infinity to give administrations to The Client; or
    • The Client choosing a Markup Infinity Employee ; or
    • The Client making an installment of any sums recorded inside Schedule 1, including yet not restricted to set up charges, month to month expenses or potentially any installment of Markup Infinity solicitations (whichever is the most punctual); or
    • The Client showing its acknowledgment
  13. Obligation OF confidentiality
    • Markup Infinity and the Markup Infinity Employee recognize that while working for the customer, they may approach Confidential Information of The Client.
    • Markup Infinity and the Markup Infinity Employee embrace not to reveal, utilize this data to any outsider Fee Structure
  14. Outsourcing fee structure
    • General Billing System
    • The Client must utilize the Regular Billing System If He/She enlists any Markup Infinity Employee
    • Credit Card Online Payment
    • Bank Accounts
    • Electronic Fund Transfer
    • No venture will be begun without making advance or on a concurred settled month to month date
    • The Clients can make installments by means of electronic reserve exchange (EFT) into Markup Infinity’s INR ledgers.
    • In the event that any additional time installments is expected, at that point the extra time is completely chargeable to The Client will be included the next month’s receipt.
    • The Client may ask for installment discount of the sum held with 1 week discount preparing period whenever .
    • The Client requires to make the installments on time according to the contact hosts been made between both the gatherings.
    • Markup Infinity is qualified for suspend the administrations of the Markup Infinity Employee for a time of 5 Business Days.
    • Amid the Suspension Period, The Client must pay to Markup Infinity any sum falling behind financially, else the agreement should be ended.